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Toilet Drops

Toilet Drops


Foresan toilet drops are widely used in Spain because of their fresh unique fragrance and vast uses.

When using in a toilet, you only need a few drops or a tiny squirt at the back of the basin and the aroma of Foresan toilet drops will instantly hit you. The drops will sink down in to the toilet water and appear to create an invisible film, trapping bad smells below and leaving the pleasant aroma of Foresan above - making your bathroom smell fresh and clean again.

Another really good use for toilet drops are in your indoor and outdoor bins. Just a few drops on the inside of your plastic outdoor bin or a few drops on the inside of your indoor bin and you can say goodbye to smelly bin odours.

This is a concentrated product and its quite strong. The more you apply the stronger the smell.

Side notes: Flammable product. Keep out of reach of children.

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